My path to success in the real estate industry began somewhere entirely different. I earned a B.A. in elementary education from Purdue University, and went on to earn my Masters from Northeastern Illinois. Over a decade spent teaching and mentoring taught me one invaluable lesson: education and knowledge breed confidence, and allow people to create change in their own lives.

I have always had a passion for educating, and for creating authentic connections between people. This allowed me to seamlessly transition to real estate, as my goal with each valued client is to see to it that they are completely informed. With me as your representative, you will know and understand the state of the market, and you will be well-versed in the details of the sales process. In the end, I will make certain you are completely confident in the path we’ve chosen, and are capable of making the right decisions moving forward.

That is my promise to you. Let me show you the way to real estate bliss.